Rural Valley Tech

Our company prides itself on Excellence and Expeditiousness. This means we strive to give the best results as quick as humanly possible. We work closely with our clients and take a keen interest in their expectations and concerns. We want to provide the best experience while working with our clients. Below we have our simple but efficient process laid out for a general idea of how we accomplish our obligation to our clients.

Project Intake
During our project intake phase, we discuss the scope of the project as well as project expectations. Dates will be set, payment options will be confirmed, and initial payment will be received.

Project Ops
This phase is the execution of the project. We will execute the plan and particulars discussed in the Project Intake phase by our clients.

Project Inspection
Upon completion of the Project Operations phase, our clients will inspect our work and request for any adjustments or additional services if needed. Editing and refining will take place once all of the work has been finalized by our client.

Project Delivery
Once the project is completed final payment will be received, and the contents of the project will be delivered via email in the form of a file desired by our client.